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Welcome to our adult Mandarin class, where you can immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture. Our class is designed for adults who want to learn Mandarin and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. With experienced Mandarin teachers and a comprehensive curriculum, our classes will help you develop your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, while also exploring the rich cultural heritage。

Our curriculum integrates cultural lessons into language learning to provide a more immersive and engaging learning experience. Our students will learn about Chinese customs, traditions, history, literature, and art, which will deepen their understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

Our Mandarin teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Chinese as a second language. They use effective teaching methods and provide individual attention to each student to ensure that they achieve their language goals.

At our adult Mandarin class, you will meet like-minded individuals and make new friends while learning Mandarin. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our classes are designed to accommodate your needs and help you progress towards fluency.

Enroll now in our adult Mandarin class and embark on a journey of language and cultural discovery!







中華文化有許多受歡迎的課程 活動,以下是其中一些:

  1. 春節慶祝活動 - 春節是中國最重要的節日之一,慶祝活動通常包括花燈展示、舞獅、舞龍、煙火、吃年夜飯和分發紅包等。
  2. 中國書法和繪畫 - 書法和繪畫是中國藝術的重要組成部分,它們描繪了中國文化的精神和美學價值觀。
  3. 中國茶文化 - 中國茶文化源遠流長,包括茶道、品茶、茶藝表演等,它們反映了中國對生活質量和藝術形式的追求。
  4. 中國民族舞蹈 - 中國有許多優美的民族舞蹈,如京劇、豫劇、越劇等,這些表演形式展現了中國的豐富多彩的文化和傳統。
  5. 中國音樂和戲曲 - 中國音樂和戲曲具有悠久的歷史和深厚的文化底蘊,這些表演形式包括京劇、昆曲、豫劇等,展現了中國文化的精髓和特點。
  6. 中國節慶文化 - 中國還有許多其他節慶,如端午節、中秋節、清明節等,它們慶祝不同的歷史事件和文化傳統,是中國文化豐富多彩的體現。


There are many popular activities in Chinese culture. Some of these include:

  1. Chinese New Year celebrations - Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in China, and celebrations often include lantern displays, lion and dragon dances, fireworks, feasting, and red envelope exchanges.
  2. Chinese calligraphy and painting - Calligraphy and painting are important components of Chinese art, depicting the spiritual and aesthetic values of Chinese culture.
  3. Chinese tea culture - Chinese tea culture has a long history, including tea ceremonies, tea tasting, tea art performances, and more, reflecting China's pursuit of quality of life and artistic expression.
  4. Chinese ethnic dance - China has many beautiful ethnic dances, such as Peking opera, Yu opera, Yue opera, and more, which showcase the richness and diversity of Chinese culture and tradition.
  5. Chinese music and theater - Chinese music and theater have a long history and deep cultural heritage. Performance forms include Peking opera, Kunqu opera, Yu opera, and more, which showcase the essence and characteristics of Chinese culture.
  6. Chinese festival culture - China has many other festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, and more, which celebrate different historical events and cultural traditions and are a reflection of the rich and diverse culture of China.

These Chinese cultural activities all have their unique charm and features, and for those who want to learn and experience Chinese culture, they are not to be missed.


Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning
Chinese Cultural Learning Center

開課行事曆/class calendar

期數/Session 週數/Weeks 日期/Date 上課時間/Class time 上課時數/Class hours
第一期/First session
免費一個月的試讀 請報名登記。(額滿為止)/ First month free, please register (space is limited)
12 6/5/2023-8/24/2023 星期一晚上/Monday night 6:30!8:30
星期四晚上/Thursday night 6:30!7:30
第二期/Second Session 12 9/4/2023-11/27/2023 星期一晚上/Monday night 6:30!8:30
星期 四晚上/Thursday night 6:30!7:30
  • 招收十八歲以上,以正體字教學為主 
  • 協助參加我國華語文能力測驗。
  • 協導學生參加華語文競賽、青年到臺灣的活動及海外文 教服務中心所辦文化活動。
  • 提供學生到臺灣就學之鼓勵措施及獎學金等資訊。
  • 成人華語文教材《來!學華語》,係以生 活會話為主, 包括課本及習作,計有4冊。
  • Enroll over 18 years old, mainly teaching traditional Chinese characters
  • Assist in taking the Chinese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Assist students in participating in Chinese language competitions, youth activities in Taiwan, and cultural activities organized by overseas cultural and educational service centers.
  • Provide information on incentive measures and scholarships for students to study in Taiwan.
  • The adult Chinese textbook "Come! Learn Chinese" is mainly about daily conversations, including textbooks and exercises. There are four volumes in total.

To take the opportunity to expand the overseas Mandarin learning market, the Oversea Community Affairs Council is promoting the Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning Establishment Program to assist the establishment of Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning (TCMLs) in overseas Chinese schools in Europe and the US. These establishments allow locals 18 years old and above to learn Mandarin and serve as important footholds in promoting Mandarin learning with a Taiwanese teaching style. As the world becomes more integrated, the need for increased world of Mandarin Chinese as the language of Taiwan (Perhaps you remember it as Formosa)

To promote a culture with Taiwanese Characteristics, enhance awareness of the importance of Traditional Characters, establish a connection to traditional culture, and highlight the importance of traditional characters and culture.

The plan is to extend the teaching scope of the original Chinese school to encompass adult classes to promote a deeper understanding of Taiwan's traditional culture in American mainstream society and to deepen the recognition of Taiwan as an indispensable member of the global village from a cultural perspective.

12 Weeks 36 hours Tuition: $480 from 

A:6/5 to 08/24 

B:9/4 to 11/23

Register now for limited spots.

Monthly payment is available.

* one beginner (level 1) class, one intermediate class(level 2)

In-person classes: Monday 6:30-8:30 pm, level 1

                              Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm, level 2

Zoom classes:     Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm, level 1

In-person Location: 275 6th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94118

Here are the textbooks we will use:

Level 1 - Pinyin, tones, Let's Learn Mandarin Vol. 1 Lesson 1- 4

Level 2 - Let's Learn Mandarin Vol. 1 Lesson 5-10


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We specialize in working with students of all ages (Kindergarten / Elementary / Middle / High School / College), providing the most professional Chinese curriculums.

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